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The second annual Long Night of Arts & Innovation will occur this week in downtown Riverside. This is a HUGE event! There is so much to see, to do and to learn that it will be midnight before you know it. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere and encounter learning opportunities as you come across them, or you can plan your evening in advance to make sure you experience all that you can before midnight strikes.

While in downtown, be sure to visit local small businesses and explore all that local merchants have to offer. The Aurea Vista marketplace will be open regular hours (11 AM – 7 PM).

Visit ArtPlantae to browse through resources at the Teacher Trunk Show that will be in place on the lower level until October 31, 2013. ArtPlantae is pleased to be a participating organization in Connected Educator Month (CEM), a month-long celebration hosted by the US Department of Education.

Do you find ArtPlantae to be a useful resource?

If you do, please share your thoughts in the CEM Community Directory.
Thank you!


Visit the Long Night of Arts & Innovation on Facebook

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2792 CEM Medium Rectangle-300x250 d1_lvr The US Department of Education has declared October Connected Educator Month (CEM) aimed at broadening and deepening educator participation in online communities and networks while providing opportunities for educators and education leaders to work together to move the field forward.

Connected Educator Month will be celebrated with more than four weeks of online events and activities, including forums, webinars, guided tours, open houses, showcases, launches, exhibits, contests, projects, badges, and more — dozens of national education organizations, communities and companies will take part this year, the second annual CEM.

ArtPlantae is a participating organization this year and will begin this busy month reaching out to the local community.

Visit ArtPlantae at the UC Riverside Botanic Garden this weekend as it launches a Teacher Trunk Show dedicated to botany and botanical art education. On Wednesday October 9, the trunk show moves to ArtPlantae’s retail area at the Aurea Vista marketplace in downtown Riverside where it will remain through October 31, 2013.

Also occurring this week is the Riverside ArtsWalk. Stop by the store to doodle the colorful gourds of Fall. Here is more information about this month’s Botany Craft Bar.

Connected Educator Month is an online celebration and because of this, the ArtPlantae Twitter feed will be especially busy. This is why you see it listed as the Featured Platform on your right. If you are on Twitter, follow us to receive updates as they happen. If you are not on Twitter, please visit ArtPlantae.com often to view what is being discussed.

Thank you for joining us online.

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Two years ago we learned from U.S. Coastguard licensed Captain Suzan Wallace during National Environmental Education Week. The 2011 theme for EE Week was Ocean Connections and back then she shared with us how she brought the ocean into her classroom.

Well, Captain Wallace is retired now and is enjoying retirement to its fullest. I am happy to report that she set sail yesterday and is sharing her journey via a video feed on the Ustream.tv channel she created. Please join me in congratulating Captain Wallace on her retirement and on embarking on her next big adventure!

What do video feeds from the ocean look like?

Visit Captain Wallace’s video log on the Ustream page, Voyages of the Sparrow.


Read the 2011 EE Week interview with Captain Wallace

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SciTech Conference Ad C_150x600Contributor, Arizona SciTech Festival

Hundreds of Arizona’s business, science and education leaders will gather in Scottsdale for the Second Annual Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference on September 4, 2013. The conference will be held 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts located at 7380 E. Second Street (map). The free, day-long event is open to those wanting to learn more about integrating STEM education into their communities. STEM education, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math, is the backbone discipline of Arizona’s new economy.

The Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference will include 16 thought-provoking panel discussions, a keynote address and roughly 50 interactive stations, where collaborating organizations from the Arizona SciTech Festival will demonstrate STEM activities. The conference offers a unique opportunity to network with some of the state’s top STEM professionals, learn best practices in communicating STEM, as well as strategies to engage communities, local schools and businesses.

“The conference is an intersection point for leaders to form partnerships and build upon STEM activities they can implement in their communities during our annual spring festival,” said Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director of the Arizona SciTech Festival. “It offers a platform to engage new collaborators and links content providers with venues throughout the state, which translates into a stronger network and a more impactful Arizona SciTech Festival.”

“A statewide commitment to STEM education is critical to developing an ongoing pipeline of future talent to build and sustain Arizona’s workforce and strengthen its economy,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority, who is a panelist at this year’s conference. “Bringing the private and public sectors together in this forum to collaborate and lead on this issue is vital for our state’s success and global competitiveness.”

Conference sponsors include Cox Communications, Challenger Space Center, the City of Scottsdale and EventInterface.

The Kickoff Conference begins with a 7:30 a.m. breakfast mixer. Programming begins at 8:30 a.m. and continues until 6 p.m. The conference keynote presentation beginning at 3:45 p.m. will feature Geoff Notkin, star of TV’s “Meteorite Men” and Skylab Astronaut Dr. Ed Gibson. Notkin and Gibson will team up to provide unique perspectives on how they’ve worked to make the understanding and appreciation of science part of mainstream living.

Conference Schedule

    7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
    Registration and networking breakfast

    8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
    Morning sessions and networking

    11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    Lunch break (enjoy one of dozens of restaurants steps from the conference)

    1:00 – 3:45 p.m.
    Afternoon sessions and networking

    3:45 – 4:45 p.m.
    Keynote address

    4:45 – 6:00 p.m.
    Reception (visit 50 interactive tables hosted by collaborators and partners)

Panel discussions scheduled for the Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference include

  • Festival Events & Best Practices
  • Festival Boons, Barriers and Dreams
  • Finding the Teachable Moment in Your STEM Activity
  • The Maker Movement: Connecting Innovation, STEM and Creativity
  • How to Evaluate Your Festival Event
  • In Schools
  • Supporting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Arizona
  • How Parents Can Support Their Kids in STEM
  • Student Panel: What Makes Science Exciting for Kids?
  • Bringing Science Festival Events to Your Schools
  • In Society
  • Using TV to Communicate Science
  • Teaching Science through Sports
  • How Do Interdisciplinary Arts Foster Creative Thinking and Discovery?
  • Vision 2020: Sustainability Challenges for Our Future
  • In the Workforce
  • Arizona: Step Up to Meet the Challenges of a Global Economy with STEM
  • Enhancing Business: Educator Relationships with STEM
  • Arizona Cities @ Work: How Cities Can Showcase STEM and Innovation to Their Communities
  • “Balancing Acts: Women Role Models in STEM”

About the Arizona SciTech Festival

The Arizona SciTech Festival is a six-week, statewide celebration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) held annually in February and March. Through a series of more than 300 expos, workshops, conversations, exhibitions and tours held in diverse neighborhoods throughout the state, the festival excites and informs Arizonans age 3 to 103 how STEM will drive our state. Spearheaded by its Foundational Partners the Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Science Center, Arizona Technology Council, Arizona State University, and The University of Arizona, the Arizona SciTech Festival is a grassroots collaboration of more than 350 organizations in industry, academia, arts, civic, community and K-12. Visit azscitechfest.org for more.

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Rent textbooks from ArtPlantae Books

Rent textbooks from ArtPlantae Books

Think textbooks are too expensive? So do I.

So, new for this year, students can rent their textbooks through ArtPlantae’s new, state-of-the-art online textbook rental store found at http://artplantaebooks.bookrenterstore.com powered by BookRenter. Renting textbooks typically saves students an average of 75% off the price of the book, which can mean thousands of dollars over a college career, and renting from ArtPlantae Books helps to support ArtPlantae.

The store has access to more than 5,000,000 high-quality U.S. edition titles. It’s easy to use – once you search for and select your books, you simply choose a shipping option and enter your payment information, and your books will arrive at your door within a few days. Standard shipping is free both ways, and almost any book is available in 2 days using the Express Plus shipping option.

You can rent textbooks for any of 5 different time periods, and can always extend rentals or buy books outright at any time, and rental fees apply towards the purchase price of the book. This means you never pay more to rent than the purchase price of a book. You can also write or highlight in your rentals just as with purchased books (just don’t turn it into a work of art), and, like Netflix, returns are always easy and free.

ArtPlantae’s new bookstore powered by BookRenter also offers a 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return books for any reason within 21 days, no questions asked. Every order is available for express shipping, and return shipping is always free. You are guaranteed that you will be happy with the quality of your books (or you’ll be shipped another at no cost). You can extend a rental at any time – at the same cheap daily rate. And, keeping a book will never cost more than the purchase price.

Over 500 college bookstores at schools like the University of Texas-Austin, University of Kansas, Arizona State University have also chosen BookRenter to power their textbook rental stores. Did I mention you can search for books by school and course?

To start saving on textbook rentals while also supporting ArtPlantae’s efforts to encourage an interest in plants, visit http://artplantaebooks.bookrenterstore.com.

Please share this exciting news with friends, students, and colleagues. Thank you!

About BookRenter

BookRenter launched in 2008 and is dedicated to making education more affordable by allowing students to rent textbooks for up to 75% off the retail price. BookRenter’s innovative pricing and operating systems provide students with the best price, highest quality books, and most flexible rental experience available today. Currently carrying over 5 million titles and serving thousands of students on over 5,000 U.S. campuses, BookRenter is one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley, growing at over 400% each year. BookRenter, with offices in San Mateo, California, is a private company that is funded by prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

About ArtPlantae Books

ArtPlantae Books complements the educational resource ArtPlantae.com. It serves a community of artists, naturalists, and educators pursuing interests in plant-based education, botanical art, environmental education, and STEM / STEAM education. ArtPlantae Books is a member of the American Booksellers Association.

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Go to EEWeek.org

Learn more about EE Week.

Welcome to National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) at ArtPlantae!

Our community of artists, naturalists and educators welcome you to our gathering place. Here you will find interesting dialog between readers and featured guests, and engaging conversation among readers as they help each other by sharing tips and tools. You will also discover classes about botanical art, natural science illustration, botany and the book arts that are taught across the U.S., in Europe and at other exciting locations (Morocco, anyone?). This week we will learn about a class with an artist/explorer, a class about how to create a garden journal, and much more.

Looking for an exhibition about plants and natural history art?
See the “Exhibits to Visit” section located in the column at right.

Interested in using drawing as a learning tool when teaching about plants in your classroom or program? See the “Teaching & Learning” section also in the column to your right.

This month we are exploring how technology can be used to encourage an interest in plants and botanical art. We are also taking a traditional look at botanical art. Glad you can join us.

To be notified about new classes, new guests and new conversation among readers, click on the “Follow” tab in your browser’s window or join the mailing list.

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There are many apps on the market that enable naturalists to explore the great outdoors without carrying a backpack full of books. Even large traditional references such as The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California are now available as easy-to-carry ebooks.

What type of interactive field guides or apps have you used to learn about plants? Did you find them to be user-friendly or simply too frustrating to use?

Share your experiences below in the Comment box.

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