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David Reynolds
David is a botanical artist based in Melbourne, Australia who specializes in Australian native plants and exotic plants. David is creating short tutorials about botanical art techniques. Subscribe to Botanic Art TV to be notified when new videos become available.

    Botanical Art with David Reynolds
    Glasson Art World
    Dookie Campus Shepparton Victoria
    May 25-27, 2013

    During this three-day workshop, students will be guided through the techniques used to create a painting of a beautiful flowering Australian eucalypt with stunning bark, dramatic foliage and vibrant pink flowers. Take a look!

    All levels of artist are welcome
    Cost: $445 AUD

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Don’t worry. You won’t get in trouble.

Personally, I write in the margins of many things. I write all over the research papers I read and in the books from my personal library too. Some books are so full of information (like Karin Nickelsen’s book about 18th-century botanical illustrations), notes are a necessity because they are the only way I can keep up with the author and relate new information to other things I’ve read. Writing in the margins is how I make meaning. What I do not do, is highlight and underline pages and pages of text. Highlighting and excessive underlining never worked for me. While studying teaching and learning techniques and student learning in grad school, I read a comment by someone making the point that the act of highlighting text is simply proclaiming, I’ll get to this later. Now isn’t that the truth? I apologize for not being able to give credit to this individual.

What about doodling? Do you create doodles to help you process information in the text?

Then you might be interested in an exhibition at the University of North Carolina exploring why images are paired with text and how information is conveyed through pictures. The exhibition, Meaningful Marks: Image and Text and the History of the Book, is on view at the Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room in the Wilson Special Collection Library until September 28, 2011. One of the books featured in the exhibit is Mark Catesby’s Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (1731-1743).

Getting back to scribbling in book margins…

Do you find this practice offensive or are you okay with people who do this? Here is a link to a short video featuring interviews with people on both sides of this issue. This video was created by multimedia journalist, Jonathan Michaels, and takes a look at why we write in books.


This post marks the beginning of a new feature about books and literature pertaining to plants, nature, natural history art and related topics.

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Billy Showell is known for her attention to detail and the wonderful step-by-step instruction she provides in her books. When Billy published Watercolor Flower Portraits and Watercolor Fruit & Vegetable Portraits, she created instructional DVDs to go with each book. Billy’s Watercolor Flower Portraits DVD and Watercolor Fruit & Vegetable Portraits DVD are now available at ArtPlantae Books.

In Watercolor Flower Portraits, Billy provides 120 minutes of instruction and demonstrates the watercolor techniques she uses to paint a tulip, an Arum Lily, and a Phalaenopsis orchid. She also provides tips about how to compose a painting.

In Watercolor Fruit & Vegetable Portraits, Billy demonstrates how to turn a sketch into a finished painting. See how to use strong colors to paint an apple, how to maintain light areas when painting red grapes, how to create form on a turnip, and how to add texture to bean pods.

*** These DVDs are in the PAL format and are viewable on a computer that reads DVDs. They are not viewable on a DVD player hooked up to a television set. ***

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