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Holiday News, Looking Ahead to 2015

Dear Readers,

I wanted to remind you that the publishing schedule will be light on both websites during the holidays and into early January.
Thank you for your continued interest in both resources.

As many of you know, the ArtPlantae Today blog was established many years ago and is updated weekly with news of special interest to a wonderful community of artists and educators pursuing interests in plant-based education, environmental education, botanical art and natural history art. If you have not visited this blog yet, you are invited to visit and to join this community.

Early this year I established the ArtPlantae.com site to help orient new visitors and followers. This site was also established to serve as the place to learn about news specific to events and programs related to ArtPlantae’s InterpretPlants program. You are invited to follow the developments at this resource as well. All you have to do is click on the “Follow” tab in your browser’s window.

I wish all of you a relaxing holiday season. Thank you for the many ways you contribute to this growing community of learners.


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New Topics, New Connections

iStock_TeachingPlants_ExtraSmall copy Welcome to a new school year at ArtPlantae!

New topics and new connections will be part of ArtPlantae’s programming for the 2014-2015 school year.

Join the mailing list to receive updates. You can also subscribe to this site (see the “Follow” tab in your browser window) or follow along through social media on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Instructors of botanical art, botany and natural science illustration classes are invited to send information about the classes they’ve scheduled during the
2014-2015 school year. Please send updates so your listing in the Classes Near You section can be updated.

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The Lloyd Library and Museum in Cinncinati, OH will host If Wine is Sublime,
an exhibition featuring rare books, maps and artwork about grapes, vineyards and wine. The exhibition opens on September 13, 2014 and continues through December 12, 2014. Artworks include botanical illustrations, tapestries, sculpture and video.

Participating Artists

  • Jeni Engel Conley
  • Ingrid Finnan
  • Jean Gallagher
  • Rose James
  • Sandra Kessel
  • Victoria Kochergin
  • Richard Luschek II
  • Dianne McElwain
  • Asisa Madian
  • Arillyn Moran-Lawrence
  • Lynne Railsback
  • Sandra Rude
  • Trish Weeks

Registration to required to attend the opening reception on September 15, 2014 from 4-7 pm. Seating is limited. Registration deadline is September 8, 2014.

Register Today


Arillyn Moran-Lawrence Paints Hawaii’s Endangered Plants

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New Look for ArtPlantae

Welcome to ArtPlantae’s new website!

This new gateway will serve as a guide to ArtPlantae’s online and offline activities. The original site still exists and will continue as normal, minus a few changes. The most obvious change will be in the publishing schedule as I balance online and offline responsibilities.

This new gateway will not be a long scrolling list of articles. It was created to serve as a guide to ArtPlantae’s projects and services and as a new way for people to discover classes and events near them. Please note that some features (e.g., Plants, Life, Riverside) have moved to this new site. Also moving here are the “Nature Near You” section (now called “Explore Nature”) and the “Exhibits to Visit” section.

Thank you for your continued interest, your patience with the revised publishing schedule and for the many ways you contribute to this online community.

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apExhibitBadgeThere are venues and then there are venues. The Women’s Conference is quite the venue. The Women’s Conference is unique for two reasons. First, it’s huge. Tickets for the event sold out and this means that about 25,000 people were in attendance — most of them women. There were some men, but not many. I felt for one man in particular when he walked past me early on Day 1. He was a 30-something loaded down with shopping bags, the fingers of one hand stretched to the limit as he tried to keep together the handles of one of his bags. What he looked like after walking the entire Village, I’ll never know.

Exhibitors. There were many. Three hundred fourteen to be exact. The Retail category was the best represented with 102 exhibitors. This category was followed by the categories of Health (56), Community Service (56), Education (25), Other (20), Entertainment (19), Finance (13), Government (13), Technology (5), and Travel (5). Not all exhibitors worked within 100 square feet. The corporate exhibitors such as Target (a conference sponsor), had much larger spaces. The theme to Target’s exhibit was “Beauty” and there was a non-stop flow of women seated around a center counter and in front of large mirrors receiving beauty tips and makeovers (these photos were taken before the crowd entered).

The Women’s Conference is also unique for its energy. The force behind this energy is no doubt California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver. Always articulate and very real, Shriver’s positive energy nudges conference attendees into action. The conference team and inspirational guest speakers reinforce Shriver’s message to women which is: listen to your gut, be true to yourself, and be an “architect of change” first with yourself, then in a way that benefits others. Their message doesn’t stop with feel-good words and pats on the back. All involved provide suggestions and guidance as to how to get the job done. The energy and momentum generated by the conference lingers for days afterwards. This is obvious when encountering conference attendees in hotel elevators the day after and when reading conversations in forums and blogs across the Web. Undivided attention and honest conversation goes a long way and can even change a life or two or hundreds.

Observations at previous womens’ conferences and at various botanical art venues convinced me that The Women’s Conference was exactly where ArtPlantae needed to make an appearance. Both types of events are attended by women who are passionate about what they are doing and by women who are excited about what they are (finally?) doing for themselves. According to those polled so far, ArtPlantae’s readers are women, usually over age 40, and often age 50+. So The Women’s Conference seemed an ideal venue at which to introduce contemporary botanical art and how-to references to an audience with a re-energized awareness of the life and opportunities around them. I followed my gut and as a result had nice chats with teachers and friends of teachers, gardeners and friends of gardeners, horticulturists, herbalists, a student of Nina Antze, and a newly minted graduate who studied botany. There was widespread interest in ArtPlantae’s educational objective and this was very encouraging. The book Botanica Magnifica had many admirers and the pencils and handouts that were distributed had many takers. Information about a the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California, Filoli Estate & Gardens, and the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists – other California organizations dedicated to the promotion of botanical art – was also distributed.

At the end of the day, ArtPlantae’s participation in The Women’s Conference was a worthwhile experience.

Tell it like it is!

Have you taken the Reader Survey? Your participation in the Reader Survey is important because only you can provide the information being requested. Please take a few moments to make a few clicks with your mouse by clicking here. Thank you!

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Jane LaFazio, Plain Jane Studio

Jane is a mixed media artist and a member of the San Diego Sketchcrawl group. In addition to the sketching classes below, Jane teaches workshops in collage, mixed media, and quilting. She also teaches workshops for children. A detailed class schedule can be viewed on her website.

  • Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style – November 14, 2009; 9 AM – 4 PM. Spend the day discovering Old Town, with artist Jane LaFazio. Jane, known for her friendly, encouraging teaching style, will demonstrate drawing on location and how to use watercolor paint using a straight-forward, intuitive approach. You’ll choose simple objects, vignettes or vistas to draw and paint, and then journal your impressions onto 5″x7” pages. Everyone has their own drawing style, just like handwriting, and Jane will help you to see and record what you see on paper. Register at the Shepherdess in Old Town San Diego, info@sheperdessbeads.com or 619-297-4110. Cost: $120 includes all materials.
  • NEW! Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style – Saturday, December 5. Location: Encinitas, contact Ellen at ellen@artretreats.com or 760-436-3310. Cost: $95 plus $15 materials fee includes everything you’ll need for the day.
  • Bella Italia: Orvieto Sketchbook – May 23-29, 2010. Go to Italy! Spend a week at a bed-and-breakfast with fellow sketchbook artists. Each morning Jane will help you with seeing, drawing, and the application of watercolor paint. This trip includes local sightseeing, wine tasting, a cooking class and shopping at the local market. View all details here.

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UC Riverside schedule is updated at CLASSES NEAR YOU > CALIFORNIA:

University of California, Riverside
UCR Extension


  • Quick Sketching for Travel (Art 839.6) – Saturdays, January 23 & 30, 2010; 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Workshop participants will use fine and wide-line drawing tools to sketch animals, people, and architecture. They will also learn about parallel, angular, and cylindrical perspective. Participants will work from slide, photos, and on-site at different locations. Instructor Latonja D. Davis teaches art at Mt. San Jacinto Community College (Menifee Valley campus). This course will be taught at the UCR Extension Center. Cost: $105 (includes parking). Registration #: 093-AHE-E08
  • Botanical Illustration of Desert Flora (Art X454.5) – April 9-11, 2010; Friday (8 PM – 10 PM), Saturday (8 AM – 5 PM), Sunday (8 AM – 4 PM). Learn techniques in pencil, pen, and watercolor while sketching in the Mojave Desert at the Desert Studies Center at Soda Springs (aka Zzyzx). Practice drawing and composition skills that will enhance your understanding of form and function. Learn how to identify native plants with instructor Donald Davidson.

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