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Enjoy a special evening event at the Chelsea Physic Garden with Head Gardener, Nick Bailey.

On Thursday August 13, Bailey will give a guided tour of the Garden that includes visits to the Garden of Medicinal Plants and the new World Woodland Garden, a garden focusing on medicinal plants from forest environments.

Artist Nici Ruggiero will talk about her installation “Curse or Cure”, an installation of apothecary jars in the Garden of Medicinal Plants. Also included in the evening tour is a visit to London’s Secret Garden: Plant Portraits from Chelsea Physic Garden.

More about Chelsea’s Secret Garden

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The	Illusionists (detail)	© 2013 Mara Lonner, All rights reserved. (latex paint, ink on wall	with	framed reduction	print, 96"	x 212" x	2”)

The Illusionists (detail)
© 2013 Mara Lonner (latex paint, ink on wall with framed reduction print, 96″ x 212″ x 2”), All rights reserved

The California oak and Western meadowlark are the focus of this exhibition, which includes textile drawings created by Mara Lonner as well as monoprints and a wrap-around wall painting created specifically for the show.

The work for Mara Lonner: So much, nothing began with a conversation between Lonner and Kimball Garrett, Ornithology Collections Manager at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, who said the most critical threat to native birds in this region is the loss and fragmentation of natural habitat.

The riparian and coastal tidal wetlands, oak savannahs and grasslands that once constituted the local landscape have been mostly destroyed by development. Resident species of native birds, once abundant in these habitats, have declined in population and/or left the area. Although migratory birds may fly through Los Angeles County on their way to other environments to nest and flourish, this region has become “negative space” for these animals.

The pieces in Lonner’s exhibition correlate the missing birds and native habitat. Her exhibition will be on view at the Theodore Payne Gallery through June 27.

Lonner will teach a nature sketching workshop related to her exhibition. Learn how to see and record nature in this special workshop for beginning artists.

    Sketching from Nature Workshop for Beginners
    Saturday, May 30, 2015
    11:00 AM – 3:30 PM
    Develop drawing and observation skills in this two-session class. All materials will be provided. Participants should bring lunch, a hat and a water bottle. Limit: 12. Registration ends May 15, 2015. TPF Member $70, Nonmember $90
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About Theodore Payne

Located on 22 acres of canyon land, the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants, Inc. was established in 1960 and is dedicated to the understanding, preservation and use of California native flora.

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The popular Contra Costa Master Gardener Great Tomato Plant Sale expands to two locations this year. If you’ve been inspired by the heirloom tomato by
Asuka Hishiki on the cover of the “Weird, Wild & Wonderful” catalog, here is your chance to find something weird, wild and wonderful for your own garden.

This year the Great Tomato Plant Sale will feature 58 proven varieties of heirloom plants. Contra Costa Master Gardeners propagate their plants using only seeds from open-pollinated varieties that breed true. Start your shopping now by downloading the list of tomato varieties and the list of pepper varieties to be sold at this year’s sale.

You have two opportunities to look for goodies this year. The first opportunity occurs on Saturday, April 4 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at “Our Garden”, the Contra Costa Master Gardeners’ demonstration garden in Walnut Creek, CA (map). The second opportunity occurs the following weekend on April 11. On this date you can visit the sale at “Our Garden” from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or shop for heirloom plants at AdamsCrest Urban Farm in Richmond from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. (map). The sale in Richmond will feature tomatoes better suited for cooler climates. Both plants sales are family-friendly educational events.

Bring your own boxes or wagon. Cash or check only, please.

Celebrate Spring!
Look for that weird, wild and wonderful plant too tempting to ignore.

Visit The Great Tomato Plant Sale

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MK_TOS 2015_4x9_Page_1 The New York Botanical Garden opened its annual orchid show this weekend. This year the theme is The Orchid Show – Chandeliers. This year emphasis is on the aerial beauty of orchids. Orchids are presented in hanging baskets, living columns and a huge star-shaped chandelier filled with hundreds of plants.

Planned events include orchid care demonstrations, classes, poetry readings, ballroom dancing, music, cocktails, and a screening of the film, “Vanilla: The Sacred Orchid”.

The New York Botanical Garden is once again extending a 20% discount to readers. Use code 7111 when you purchase an All Garden Pass online.

An All Garden Pass includes the following benefits:

    Admission to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, Rock Garden (April-October), Tram Tour, Garden grounds, and all exhibitions and public programs on the day of your visit.

Offer valid only when code 7111 is used online at nybg.org. Valid for visits made February 28, 2015 through April 19, 2015. Offer subject to availability. Discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or previously purchased tickets. Discount may be modified or withdrawn with prior notice. Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

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Tithonia @ 2006 by John Gist. All rights reserved

Tithonia @ 2006 by John Gist. All rights reserved

Mt. Cuba Center
Mt. Cuba Center is a botanical garden in Hockessin, DE dedicated to the conservation, display, and research of native plants. Their woodland wildflower gardens are recognized as the area’s finest. The Center hosts many interesting classes related to plants, gardening and the arts. View their full schedule of on-site classes and distance learning classes on their website.

    iPhoneography: The Art of iPhone® Photography
    Two Thursdays: September 18 & 25, 2014

    1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Forgot your camera? Not to worry, use your iPhone®. Find out how you can take stunning nature photographs and pleasing portraits with your phone. Join Julia Grace for this two-day workshop where you will learn the basics such as lighting and composition, how to use several photography apps, and the value of post-processing work. A basic understanding of how to use your phone and apps is required for this class. A list of required apps will be provided upon registration.

    Julia Grace’s interests include photography, wool sculpture, and jewelry making. Her pieces are licensed for commercial use and sold in various venues.

    Cost: $45 (iPhone and apps required for this class)
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Painting Workshop

Five days: Monday-Friday, September 29 – October 3, 2014

    10:00 am – 3:00 pm

    Interpret the beauty of Mt. Cuba Center’s exquisite garden using

    Approaching Storm. © William Turnay. All rights reserved

    Approaching Storm. © William Turnay. All rights reserved

    oils and watercolors. Art instructor Bill Ternay shares his knowledge and expertise with each medium using demonstrations and one-on-one instruction. Students of all levels are encouraged to acquire technical skills and explore aesthetic concerns. Please bring all the materials necessary for painting outdoors in oil or watercolor. A detailed materials list is available online. Bring your lunch and dress for the outdoors.

    William Ternay is an illustrator, painter, and art instructor. His work includes set design, children’s books, murals, portraits, and landscape paintings in a variety of mediums.

    Cost: $175
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Fall Photography Stroll

    Saturday, October 25, 2014
    7:00 am – 11:00 am

    Enjoy this early morning opportunity with fall color near its peak to photograph the gardens of Mt. Cuba Center. Photographers of all experience levels, from novices to experts, receive expertise and guidance on the technical and aesthetic elements of photography. Chris Starr, a skilled photographer, shares advice, techniques, inspiration, and encouragement. Bring your camera lenses and camera manual. Be prepared to walk outdoors.

    Chris Starr is a talented photographer who has played many roles at Mt. Cuba Center since 1984. Currently he is a member of the grounds team.

    Cost: $20
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Fabulous Felt Creations

    Thursday, November 13, 2014

    1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Let native plants be your inspiration as you practice the popular fiber craft of needle felting, the art of sculpting wool fleece using a special barbed needle. With a few simple techniques, create many different pieces from jewelry, embellishments, and ornaments, to toys, wool pets, or sculptures. You can also appliqué the fleece onto your favorite bag, hat, or coat. Learn a variety of needle felting techniques to create your very own native plant accessory, sculpture, or appliquéd embellishment. Go home with all the materials you need to continue felting.

    Julia Grace’s interests include photography, wool sculpture, and jewelry making. Her pieces are licensed for commercial use and sold in various venues.

    Cost: $75 (materials included)
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Natural Holiday Wreaths Birds Will Love

    Thursday, December 4, 2014
    10:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Enjoy the holidays with our feathered friends. Decorate a circle of greens with dried flowers, nuts, seed pods, berries, and ribbon to make an attractive holiday present for our overwintering birds. Gain knowledge about which native plants provide great fruit or seed for holiday wreaths. Bring hand pruners and gloves.

    Donna Wiley is the horticulturist for Mt. Cuba Center’s Formal Gardens. Her expertise includes container gardening and floral arranging.

    Cost: $65 (materials included)
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Introduction to Botanical Art

    Three Saturdays, March 7, 14, & 21, 2015
    10:00 pm – 2:00 pm

    Learn to draw plants in this introductory class using pen and pencil. Carefully observe the subject and understand form and structure. Practice sighting skills to place the subject in a way that is both pleasing and exciting. See the world with fresh eyes and carry inspiration and an individual point of view into a finished work. Bring your lunch and all the materials outlined on the course materials list available on the Mt. Cuba Center website.

    John Gist is an experienced art instructor and acclaimed artist. He has taught art for over 15 years and his work has been displayed in several exhibitions.

    Cost: $175
    Questions: 302-239-4244 or education@mtcubacenter.org

    View Details/Register

    Special Event: Art-In

    All artists welcome!
    Friday, September 26 (Rain Date: Saturday September 27)
    10:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Free to participating artists, artists must register by calling 302-239-8807, emailing education@mtcubacenter.org or by registering online.

    Take the time for a day of art in the garden. Let your creativity bloom while you draw, paint, or photograph Mt. Cuba Center’s naturalistic gardens. Meet other participating artists and enjoy a lovely day of art.

    Art-In AP

    Although this is a free event to participating artists, registration is required. Call Mt. Cuba Center at 302.239.4244, visit the Art-In page on the Mt. Cuba Center website. Parking is limited, early registration strongly encouraged.

    Please note that Mt. Cuba Center is a carry-in, carry-out facility. All solvents, waste water and trash must be removed from the site. No dumping of any solid or liquid art medium is permitted in the house or gardens. For more information, please review guidelines.

    Rain date for this event is Saturday, September 27.

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Sustainability: Supporting long-term ecological balance.

— Dictionary.com

What does sustainability mean to you?

In this issue of Plants, Life, Riverside we talk about achieving sustainability in an urban setting with Taher Bhaijee, a recent graduate of UC Riverside and co-founder of SustainRiverside.org, a new resource that will show residents how to adopt new approaches to living.

SustainRiverside.org is well on its way of becoming an informative resource for the residents of Riverside, CA. The soft launch for the site occurred earlier this month during Earth Week. Currently the site features a long list of sustainability events happening in the city. Soon new posts and videos will be added every other Monday.

Visit SustainRiverside online and you will see that the organization has laid out its objectives clearly. Taher is actively working with community groups to achieve the following goals:

    Community Goal
    To develop Green Teams in every neighborhood in Riverside.

    Energy Goal

    To reduce peak load demand by 10%.

    Food Goal

    Create 5% increase participation in community gardens.

    Water Goal

    To reduce Riverside’s water consumption by 20%.

    Waste Goal

    To reduce Riverside’s waste by 20%.

    Health Goal

    To reduce obesity rates by 20%.

    Transportation Goal

    To increase ridership on public transportation by 50%.

I spoke with Taher about some of these goals. I asked him to explain what a Green Team is and what such a team should strive to accomplish in their respective neighborhoods. Taher explained that his idea of a Green Team is modeled after the Wood Streets Green Team, an established team of residents actively involved in helping other residents achieve a sustainable lifestyle. They conduct workshops, involve themselves in city issues and support related groups in the city. Taher hopes to establish a Green Team in each of Riverside’s 26 neighborhoods.

Another objective of SustainRiverside is to increase participation in community gardens by five percent. What does this 5% look like?

Taher explained that by “five percent”, he means 5% of Riverside’s population. The city has a population of 300,000 residents, so he hopes to get at least 15,000 residents involved with existing and future gardens. Taher hopes the involvement with community gardens will encourage residents to lead healthier lives. He says that his work at the UCR Community Garden cleaning, watering and growing vegetables taught him how to live more sustainably and taught him how to live more healthfully. 

Recruiting 15,000 residents may sound like a bold goal, but it really isn’t that outrageous. Especially given the success of the recent Grow Riverside conference, a conference about urban agriculture and the development of a sustainable food system in the city. Taher says he hopes SustainRiverside can play a role in communicating the efforts of all parties involved in the Grow Riverside movement and to communicate these efforts through one platform.

SustainRiverside is making great strides reaching out to the public and showing people how they can live more sustainably. The next lesson in sustainability is scheduled for May 17, 2014. On this day SustainRiverside and the Wood Streets Green Team will embark on a progressive bus tour to promote community, public transportation, local businesses and recycled art. Bus tour participants will meet at a local bus stop, board the bus together and then visit the Riverside Farmer’s Market in downtown. They will then go to Tio’s Tacos to eat lunch and to view the gallery of recycled art.

Would you like to join the progressive bus tour and learn more about SustainRiverside.org? Contact Taher Bhaijee or visit SustainRiverside on Facebook.

About Taher Bhaijee

Taher has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in History and has been actively involved with sustainability efforts around UC Riverside. As President of Sustainable UCR, he worked on projects such as the UCR Community Garden, the Power Rangers Program, the Recycling Proposal, the Composting Initiative, and the Grid Alternative Solarton. He is now working on Riverside-wide sustainability projects as an intern at the Mayor’s office. He hopes to build a healthier and greener Riverside.

Who else is working on creating a greener Riverside? Take a look.

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Northern California Readers, click image to download flyer.

Northern California Readers, click image to download flyer.

The Gardens at Heather Farm will host their annual Mother’s Day event on May 11, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at The Gardens on 1540 Marchbanks Drive in Walnut Creek.

Relax and enjoy soothing music provided by InSteel Caribbean Steel Drummers.

Bring a blanket and have a picnic in the Meadow Garden, stroll along the winding paths of 24 unique gardens, or simply sit on a bench and soak up the natural beauty of the breathtaking surroundings.

Storytelling sessions will be held in the Gazebo at 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm. There will also be root beer floats for $3 and fundraising prizes. Tickets will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

The craft activities for all ages and gift items for sale by local Bay Area artists are not to be missed!

All proceeds from this event support garden programs for youth, adults, and persons with disabilities.

Directions to The Gardens at Heather Farm

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